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Useful Links for Mathematica

P.J. Hinton's Homepage: P.J. Hinton, of Wolfram Research, Inc.,  is the manager of the external collaboration projects and a developer of Mathematica features that are implemented using top-level kernel code.
You can also visit the page of  P.J. Hinton from the Mathematica Programming Group( of  Wolfram Research, Inc. at

If you frequently face "out of memory" problems in Mathematica, take a look to the Technical Support FAQ page at URL: for a free, downloadable patch that may fix the this problem.

If  you need fonts, Mathematica counts with a rather large archive of AFM files to be found at the Wolfram Research Technical Support site.  See URL: You need to install the appropriate AFM files in the Mathematica AFM directory or in /usr/lib/AFM or /usr/lib/afm.

The technical support Web Site for registered Mathematica users is to be found at URL:

MathUser Newsletter:

User Registration and Password request:

Technical Support and bug report:

Information for educators:

For product catalog  go to

Calculus and Mathematica: Calculus&Mathematica is an exciting new way to learn calculus, differential equations, and matrix theory. Students are no longer bound to the traditional classroom setting, nor do they even need to be on a college campus. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in practical calculus problems with the help of Mathematica.

General information about building MathLink programs using CodeWarrior.
To build a MathLink program using CodeWarrior and SAmprep, create a new Mac OS Toolbox PPC project.  Then you need to include the following files:  MathLinkStubs, a .tm.c file, and a .tm.rsrc file.  Of course you may have  other files in your project, such as other .c files.  You generate the  .tm.c and .tm.rsrc files using SAmprep - just double click on SAmprep,  choose mprep from the File menu, then choose your .tm file from the file  browser, click on the add button followed by the mprep button.  You also need to make sure that the folder that contains mathlink.h is on your project's path.  This will be true if you followed the installation instructions for CodeWarrior in the MathLink Developer's Guide. Also, please note that the version of SAmprep that comes with version 3.0 of Mathematica is out of date with respect to the latest versions of CodeWarrior.  You can get the latest SAmprep from our web site, at

Problems with fonts?   See the FAQ page at URL for some remedies specific to Windows at:.

If you need access to newsgroup try Deja News at  

For those who need TeXSave as well as the associated virtual fonts, material from Wolfram, get it at: Then,  TeXSaved notebooks in Mathematica can be processed using PCTeX.

If you need books related to the software package mathematica please visit our Mathematica's Books, or go to Cyber Math Virtual Bookstore to order your favorite.