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The Year 2000 Problem

The year 2000 problem is a software bug related to programs that record the year using only the last two digits. The fact is that machines and programs assume that years start with "19" and do not know how to handle 2000. This bug, if not fixed on time, can affect a large number of computers when the year 2000 arrives. Whe are posting links were you can find ample information on this issue.

Year 2000  The Year 2000 Information Center provides a forum for disseminating information about the year 2000 problem, also called the Millennium Bug, and for the discussion of possible solutions.

The Year 2000 date problem Support Centre: Covers matters to make your computer systems achieve Year 2000
compliance to protect your company or organisation into the next century.

Acutte Year 2000 solutions: They create dependable, quality products to solve Year 2000-related problems on personal computers.

Year two Thousand and You: Just how big is the year 2000 problem? There were 3.5 billion programmable microprocessor chips shipped in 1995, 7 billion in 1996, and an estimated 14 billion last year. Go ahead, take a look at this site.

The Year 2000: The Y2K problem does NOT start at midnight on Dec 31, 1999 as many people might think – it starts much earlier! For example, your financial software will generally want to ‘roll-over’ the financial year on or about July 1, 1999.
All your problems (if any) will have to be resolved by then.

Microsoft Year 2000 ResourceCenter: This site has been designed to offer comprehensive information about Microsoft products and how they are affected by the Year 2000.

Yahoo's Year 2000 problem resources:

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