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Search, References, Investment and Other Stuff


In the following lines you will find a collection of  links that can prove useful to you. We provide access to several well known Search Engines,  you can browse to some well choosen References as well as to News and Investment Services. The cool side of the page includes  favorite links,  things to read and of course comics.

Need to find about ... Look no further, try those search engines below and with a little luck...

Alta Vista EuroSeek
Deja News Excite
HotBot Infoseek
Lycos Magellan
Open Text WebCrawler
WWW Worm   Yahoo



Financial Services

 Favorite Links

Something to Read

In this section we will point out articles that are worth reading in our opinion. We will update this section at the most every other month. So, come and visit it frequently.

Life On Mars

Cancer Research and Genetic Developments